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He Was the Only One

April 25, 2012
By Ayame BRONZE, Monroe, Georgia
Ayame BRONZE, Monroe, Georgia
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All that we are is the result of all that we have thought.

It's not taking pain that I have a problem with.
It's just the fact that I have no idea how to deal with it.
I cry..

That's when I met him.
I was dealing with so much and he came in and made me forget all of it.
Long nights on the phone with him beat long nights that
Would have been spent crying.

But all too late I knew of his pain.
And as quickly as he came into my life,
Is as quickly as he left it.

He told me at the last moment of his pain.
The pain he had struggled with all his life.
If he had told me sooner I could have helped.
If only he had told me sooner.

All I wanted was his happiness and I was too blind to see his sadness.
Blinded by my own love.
Blinded by my own selfishness.

I have returned to that deep dark pit of sadness.
There is a hole in my heart where he used to be.
In time I know that heart will be filled.
But until then..
I am forever entrapped in a dark world of tears that create waterfalls.
As he was the only light that shined through.
Screams loud enough to wake the deceased.
Because if I scream loud enough maybe I can wake him from his deep slumber.
And pain..So much pain.
Because he was the only one that could truly take it away.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my best friend who comitted suicide one year ago

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