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A Smile Is...

April 22, 2012
By Tyger BRONZE, Saint Michael, Minnesota
Tyger BRONZE, Saint Michael, Minnesota
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A smile is
The hearts inner energy
It lurches away,
twisting, and
seeping it's way
into all the dark crevices of the soul.
It bursts forth then,
upturning the mouth,
enlightening the
now crinkling
and twinkling eyes.
Wet radiance is spreading
over the once dry, crisp face.

The author's comments:
It hit me one day, that smiles mean a lot. While you can't say every culture puts a lot of value on it, it is one thing in the entire world that universally feels good. It has the power to heal, and brings wonders to ones' face. Just look at the difference the is conveyed. The smile makes one look beautiful, just for the fact that it is so personal and unique.

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