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blood filled evil

April 19, 2012
By Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
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Blood that seeps into the flesh
I bleed fountains of dark hateful malice
Forging my will, turning everything I feel into noting
Destruction springs fourth as lightning smites this pitiful world
Visions bombard me throughout the night
Visions of blood flowing through the streets

Demented monsters break into my heart
Taking what’s left of my pride
My hands are filled with your blood
My disturbed mind races with fear and hate
Black blood flows freely from my eyes
My veins are clogged with vengeful darkness

A inner darkness that burst fourth with such intensity
Bringing down even the happiest of hearts
Slowly your heart caves in at the sight of my face
Your mind implodes with every passing second
You call me the bringer of death, destroyer of worlds
Your curses pummel my mind

Your blood has become tainted by revenge
The balance slowly disrupts , causing disease and anguish
The bodies fill the vast pits of blood drenched soil
Now my time has come to disrupt this world
And you will be my puppet of destruction

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