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? Why ?

April 14, 2012
By elizabethlong BRONZE, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
elizabethlong BRONZE, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
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why did i lie, and say i didn't like you
that i only saw you as a friend
i said this to the boy
who proposed in the second grade
he kneeled on one knee
and said will you marry me
why did i say no
your just a friend, but i kept the ring

why did i say she was cute
when i liked you as more than a friend
i pushed you two together
i said you guys looked cute together
me and her even became best friends

why did i take her side
when you guys would fight, and break up
i took her side
even when she was the one to blame

why did i throw away a friendship
for a girl
i wouldn't even be friends with
past the sixth grade

the only question is
why did i lie and say we're just friends
saying i only saw you
as a boy who smelt like cookies and dirt
when i wanted to be your girlfriend
and you to be my forever boyfriend

The author's comments:
When i was in elementary school i like one of my best friends, but wouldn't admit it. Now looking back maybe if i did we might have been a couple, maybe we could of still been best friends.

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