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When the Sea Goes Still

April 10, 2012
By tdpackerfan BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
tdpackerfan BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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There are days here
when the winds stop and the clouds vanish and
the sun climbs up to the top of the sky and
just sits there awhile to
take a rest.
It watches our ship and it doesn’t care about us
since we’re not moving anyway.
The ship is still.
The sun is still.

We are still.
The sea holds us there like a fragile toy nesting in gentle hands.
The Captain considers for a moment that he should say something
but he thinks better of it and instead
just stands at the bow and leans over the side and
stares into the sea and
puts his hat on and thinks about
old adventures and time and he wonders what dying is like.
The rest of us sit out to passively greet the
lazy sun.
All is quiet.
Someone tries to fish and the rest of us wish he wouldn’t
disturb the water but no one stops him.
I wonder if God made days like these because sometimes he’ll
have something important to take care of with the
rest of the world and he needs to make sure that we
don’t go do something stupid while he’s gone.
Or maybe he just wanted to rest too.
I wouldn’t know.

The author's comments:
Inspired by Master and Commander.
Thanks for reading.

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