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never feel again

April 10, 2012
By Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
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Love, something I will never feel again
You ruined everything I ever cared about
I have become so reclusive
You forced me to confront my feelings
There was never any hope for me
I’ve lost again

You’re so happy with him
While I wither into noting
I never want to love again
Soon all the good will be gone
I slowly recall all the betrayal
I try to hide all the pain

You tried to deceive me
I know now it’s all been a lie, and I don’t ever want to know why
Noting will ever be right again
Each day I die a little more inside
You said you loved me
But it was all a lie

The tears rain down my face
I’m so scared to be alone
And yet I’ve always been alone
I wish my emotions would die
I feel so cold
I wish all that is left inside would die

You gave up on me in the end
You were back with him again
I knew I hated you then
I look in the mirror and see your face
Hate over whelms me
The scars have grown too deep

I’ve tried to kill my pain
But you brought so much more
I’m to lost to be saved
You don’t even remember me
You have forgotten me
My heart has died

Your lost words whisper in my head
What brings you back to me?
You ask for my forgiveness
But all that was good has died
The only emotion I feel now is hate
You ruined everything, you ruined everything for me

The author's comments:
longest poem yet. as well as the most frustrating.

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