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Thoughts of trauma

April 12, 2012
By Missy1999 SILVER, Windermere, Florida
Missy1999 SILVER, Windermere, Florida
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John 3:16

She goes driving a thousand miles an hour just to come back crying they don't give her a single chance to say that she was trying they make her sleep as if it will cure all of this drama but they don't know she dreads the sleep because of thoughts of trauma. Every night she shuts her eyes creating a trap door begging for some sleeping peace her min will just ignore the voices that appear remind her she is
No longer free that when it comes to sleeping thoughts of trauma crush all glee. They all they'll her it's stupid that it will never work that the pills that put out headaches might also heal her hurt as expected disappointment comes to ring her bell instead of her body now her head lives in a ell of copper wire trimmed with fear; but she knows her time is near to go up high and sit with Momma where they have never heard of thoughts of trauma

The author's comments:
For awhile I was having really intense nightmares and I thought to write this..... I'm cured now!

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