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April 5, 2012
By theflyingplatypus SILVER, Durango, Colorado
theflyingplatypus SILVER, Durango, Colorado
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Slipping behind the icy black curtain
To the one place where things are real.
To my haven, that isn't nessicarily safe.
This is the only place where I can't escape
my thoughts, and the truth behind the lies.
It all bombards me here,
And strips away whats left of my sanity.
This is the only place
where I don't have to smile,
Where I don't have to mask the tears.
I hate it here.
But I couldn't live without this place.
What is normally basked in shadow,
things I hide from every other soul,
Lie out in the open,
Waiting to be discovered.
But nobody else knows
the truth of this place,
Where I slip away to every day,
Except me.
And I will never let anyone in.

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