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The words I should have said

March 24, 2012
By sumer44 GOLD, Arvada, Colorado
sumer44 GOLD, Arvada, Colorado
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The words I should have said
Sting my mind
Of regrets that I have always had
But I can't even take them back

Can't you hear me
As my head screams at me
Cause it knows more than me
And it just won't stop

I drown in my lies
And slip through all the truth
That I'm always trying to tell
But never seem to climb enough 
To make myself tell

Nails scratch down chalkboards
Of the stubbornness 
That leaves with my actions
And shows nothing but these captions

And all the hate 
That seems to fill the heart
And all that love 
That just won't show within my own heart

All I want to do 
Is make you proud
But it seems like 
I can't do that now

And as hard as I've tried
Nothing can show
Cause everything I do
Won't ever be shown

I learn from these struggles
And turn from my troubles
And leave behind all these problems
That have crumbled within my own grumbles 

And its no ones problem
But my own
And I must stand alone
And fight it on my own

Pain is thought
And can't be bought
If it was brought 
Life had it tied with its own knot
Leaving no way for it to get out

The words I should have said
Are all but regrets that never left
They caused so many problems
Of the truth and the lies
 That seems to leave me with whys

And just a few words
Cause so much fuss
No wonder there's no time to push
And let this all out in a rush

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