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March 30, 2012
By KaylaMarie3003 GOLD, King, North Carolina
KaylaMarie3003 GOLD, King, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened:) -dr seuss

Running down her face like rain,
teardrops revealing some of her pain.
The way he made her feel,
makes life or reality seem unreal.
She loved him with all she had,
then at the end it turned out bad.
He'll come back and he will see,
how her heart turned out to be.
She'll see him hurt and she'll see him cry,
but he'll just have to learn not to lie.
Life is great and life is fun,
she'll have fun and forget what he's done.
He was a good boyfriend she'll give him that,
but now to her he's nothing but a rat.
She'll realize what life is like,
without a boy people call Mike.

The author's comments:
this is an old piece that i wrote a few months ago. this guy was my first love and he screwed me over and so this poem is one of the poems i wrote to get my feelings out towards him.

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