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March 25, 2012
By KaylaMarie3003 GOLD, King, North Carolina
KaylaMarie3003 GOLD, King, North Carolina
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How do i shake the feeling,
the felling of him leaving.
I really like him but his family disapproves,
they dont understand how our hearts move.
Im wanting to stick by him and make it work,
but i cant do that when his family gives hateful smirks.
haven't been together long enough to know,
if his true feelings will show.
I havent talked to him in 5 days,
im honestly confused on what to say.
My decisions are never right,
i dont wanna end up in a fight...

The author's comments:
this piece is about how im feelin right about now with my boyfriend and i, i havent talked to him in a while and he makes me feel like hes different from the rest of the pigs ive dated... i just dont know right now...

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