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The First Step

March 25, 2012
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

What’s happened to my Angel, who are you,
I know the times are hard, but you’ll make it through,
The darker your life becomes, the harder it is to live,
I’m giving you these words, because it’s all I have to give,
I hate seeing you like this, its just not you,
I hope things get better, is there anything I can do,
I know times look down, and it gets dark,
But don’t lose your sight; leave your ark,
Please, please don’t go back to the night,
Because it will destroy you, ruin your fight,
The road to hell begins with one stride,
Please don’t take that step, instead confide,
I’ve taken that road, and it will destroy you,
Don’t make my mistake; you may not make it through,
I almost didn’t, I came so close so many times,
Please, heed the warning within these rhymes,
Look into my eyes, your friends are your mirrors,
Who you are is reflected, I can see unshed tears,
Are you who you think you are, just look into the mirror,
Don’t be afraid, truly knowing who you are is to fear,
I don’t think you know who you are anymore,
I want you to look at yourself, at your very core,
Then tell me what you see, and who you are,
Please listen to this, the truth will get you far,
Who ever you are, my Angel you will always be,
A Guardian cannot be taken, your will is free,
Please look at yourself, don’t fall into fate,
You never see that first step, until it’s too late.

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