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Angels Tears

March 25, 2012
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

I understand the darkest aspects of hell,
For it wasn’t long ago I was trapped in its spell,
I was blind, and my heart had decayed,
I knew only pain; my life began to fade,
I was almost gone; I reached the very end,
I had lost everything, lost my every friend,
I pushed myself forward through it all,
Beyond exhaustion, until I began to fall,
I reached the end of the path, the road,
I was broken and destroyed, and it showed,
I had nothing, only the hell I could feel,
I hated everything, because of my ordeal,
But in my hate, so I lied at the end,
Ready to accept hell, to embrace my new friend,
An Angel came to me, and offered her hand,
I cried, because I didn’t feel ready to stand,
I didn’t know if I could start again,
Because I was certain it would lead to were I’d been,
Before I was lost, she knelt by my side,
She saw my pain; I could feel her tears as she cried,
They landed on my wounds, on my pain,
She held my hand, as she cried like rain,
After awhile she stood, and I stood as well,
My wounds were healing, I came through hell,
My Angel and I embraced, but did not part,
She gave me back the light, my very heart,
She shed for me her pearly Angel’s tears,
It was a gift, the greatest of all cures.

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