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February 29, 2012
By peacelovelife SILVER, Berkeley, California
peacelovelife SILVER, Berkeley, California
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I don't think I remember a time
When I wasn't whistling right back
Even when he couldn't hear it
Or living in the colorful grey
That makes me sit forever

I don't think i can recall a memory
When I wasn't staring at the trees
For no reason at all
And pretending like I understood
Even when I really could

I don't think I could even muster a rememberance
Of before I started cutting
The papers all up
Or before I forgot how to say stop
When the light turned yellow and no one slowed down

I don't think I could tell you about a world
Where sandy brown doesn't exist
Or at least doesn't matter
And I don't pretend
That missing him isn't my background noise

I probably couldn't breathe
If you told me to get up
And just leave
Because I'm pretty sure
I don't remember how.

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