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Should I Tell You?

March 22, 2012
By emmatoga02 SILVER, Gansevoort, New York
emmatoga02 SILVER, Gansevoort, New York
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Should I tell you?
Should I tell you who I truly am?
Should I tell you the truth
And expect you not to judge me?
Honesty can hurt you sometimes more than it can help.
It might feel great at first to tell people;
To express what I’ve been hiding inside.
But in the end the
Pain might come back;
The whispers of others echoing in my mind.
Equality I’ve had so long turning into
Dust. Nothingness.
Should I tell you?
I’ve been asking myself this question
For years now
And I still don’t know the answer.
Who knows.
Maybe I’ll tell you when you least expect it.

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