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146 Ashes

March 9, 2012
By StellaESP DIAMOND, Williston Park, New York
StellaESP DIAMOND, Williston Park, New York
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My lungs are questioning whether It is the air I am Breathing in.
Breathe my mind says breathe
It is not air.
Smoke sticks to my lungs, Suffocating me from the inside out

My eyes scream in horror , tears Trickle there way down to The floor.
Is this for real?
Flames fill my view
Yells fill my head
Fear fills my heart

Women and men
Act like children
Running with just one thing on Their mind,
A way out.
Bodies ram against the door, not Able to unjam the lock. Some are Trapped in between the tables
Knowing it is too late to run, for They are in
Death's grasp.
Others start running to the window.
I join in with them, running Making loud thumps with our Shoes On the littered floor.

One after another, people
Firmly on the ledge,
Burn or jump, burn or jump?
My feet firmly on the ledge,
Starting with a lean
Then the help of someones push
I am

Falling I hear the screams of
Hearts filled with love,
Minds filled with dreams,
Eyes filled with visions of a Better tomorrow
Cease with the flames
Leaving behind only the ashes to Tell their

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