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Scream and Shout

March 11, 2012
By Let-Love-In PLATINUM, Chester, Connecticut
Let-Love-In PLATINUM, Chester, Connecticut
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Twisting, turning,
Always yearning.
It’s simple, you see,
Be what you want to be.
But how...
Can I do that now?
You tell me, be the best,
And forget the rest.
Yet, deep inside I am sure,
Everything is a blur.
Living up to expectations set,
So high they can barely be met.
Does no one understand,
How massive the task at hand,
Has proven to be pre-planned.
What we want, doesn’t seem to be a priority,
When it comes to your authority.
We are discovering who we are,
On our journey thus far.
Holding us back,
Are the whips you crack.
Keeping us in line,
Not allowing us to shine.
Let us go, be free of this cocoon,
Follow our hearts tune.
Let us evolve,
Find our own problem to solve.
Take a step back, let us go,
Give us the chance to grow.
Tying us down,
Will only force us to drown.
So let us go, on our way,
Leave behind the gray.
Burst into color,
In a vast world, where we feel smaller.
Life comes at us fast,
Unfortunately childhood doesn’t last.
We’ve grown up over the years,
Let go of all your fears.
Scream and shout,
We want out.

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