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February 28, 2012
By 15cmm BRONZE, Polk City, Iowa
15cmm BRONZE, Polk City, Iowa
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C'est la vie

The pain,
the pain surrounds me,
and I cannot escape.
I may be small,
but I must stand tall,
in the midst of my mighty adversary.
The fight has begun.
I will not back down,
as I feel my opponent’s wrath.
I feel myself begin to weaken,
as my endurance reaches its end.
My body aches and burns.
I finally decide
to give in.
I fall to the ground, at
the feet of my rival,
for he has won the fight,
and I have lost to
not only the pain,
but the mighty foe
that plagues all life.

The author's comments:
It may seem obvious being as the title never appeared in the actual piece, but this poem was originally about something totally different ( I won't say what).

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