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Fly Away

March 7, 2012
By DoodleCakes5 SILVER, South Of Carson City, Nevada
DoodleCakes5 SILVER, South Of Carson City, Nevada
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Some day, I’ll fly away
Far from here
Away from worries
Away from fears
Away from those
That don’t appreciate
Them that drown in secrets
Away from them
Those that don’t trust
Those that can’t realize
I’ll never tell
Those that put themselves
That rate themselves
That don’t think through
Away from them
Above us
Or so they think
I’ll fly away
Away from worries
Away from problems
Away from them
But my friends
With whom I trust
And them that trust I
Come away from those
Who think of themselves
Above us
We can end it
Just fly away with me
Fly away
From everything
Everyone, all
All that don’t believe
We can fly away
Away I go
To the land of the hidden
That they’ll never find
It’s in my mind
And inside yours
Fly away
To your dreams
Where anything can happen
Where You and I can trust
Just fly away
From all those
That put them selves
Above us
Fly away

The author's comments:
Everyone just wants to escape everything once and awhile.

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