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Something More

March 2, 2012
By freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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I wish I could not be an outcast, wandering around.
I wish I could know what’s on his mind.
I wish I could know someone will catch me, and not let me fall down in the dirt.
I wish someone could be here now.
I wish I didn’t always have to frown.
I wish they could understand.
I wish I could not be so hard on myself.
I wish I could leave myself be the way I am.
Once he and I were friends, once I was sure our friend ship would never end.
Once I believed he wouldn’t point out my flaws.
Once I hoped it would work out and he wouldn’t push too far.
Once I believed he was mine.
Once I believed we were just friends, but now I’m not so sure.
Once I found he wanted something more.
Once I outran him like a bad storm.
Now I stand lost, and cold broke down.
Now I stand here, lost and never found.
Now I stand here empty handed because we couldn’t hold together.
Now I know why mom said we weren’t meant to last.
Now I know you broke my heart like glass.
Now I stand here in the past, memories of us follow me home.
Now I stand here in a cloud of dust.
I remember when we could share anything we wanted.
I remember when I used to not care so much what other thought.
I remember thinking I have it rough, but I don’t at least that’s what I’d like to think.
I remember when I held back.
I remember not us, the second you down turned my hand.

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