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March 4, 2012
By Rosie23 BRONZE, Victorville, California
Rosie23 BRONZE, Victorville, California
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The main factors of our lives
Life is a rough road
No one there to help you
To support you
To care about you
The more we felt, the more it seemed impossible

From the moment I met you
There was a sudden change in me
My heart couldn't stop beating
A warm, passionate feeling rose up
I never felt this way before
I couldn't explain it
But it didn't matter
Your beauty is what lights my day
Your eyes sparkle like gleaming diamonds
Your smile is all I need to see
My love for you is as strong as our relationship
I will protect you if it's the last thing I do

What I feel for you is much stronger than you think
Your eyes are as red as the ruby on my gift
Your dark appearance doesn't affect what I truly believe the person you are
I know what you feel
I know what you think
I know what you want
Nothing in this world will make me say no
It is you that I want

No matter what happens, nothing will come between us
What we have will always remain forever
Our hearts are united as one
Our relationship is what makes us strong
Together we are invincible

The author's comments:
The relationship between Lysander and Rosaline (Two Worlds)

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