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March 2, 2012
By kyrireese GOLD, Dallas, Texas
kyrireese GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Everything will absolutely be all right."
"Hold fast to dreams." - Langston Hughes

Yesterday, I knew love,
And I was in love,
With three people at once.

Yesterday I had braces,
I had all the coolest clothes,
I had a cell phone.

Yesterday I had friends,
I called them, Best friends,
Friends like no other.

Yesterday I had class,
It was math, what did I learn?

Yesterday gossip had no meaning,
Only bruises really hurt,
And everything could be healed with a kiss.

Yesterday I had a fight,
With my best friend,
What was it about again?

Yesterday I saw my brother,
I looked down at him and smiled,
Since I was looking down.

Yesterday I graduated into High School,
I was happy, scared, and sad,
Since High School meant moving on.

Yesterday flowers were vibrant,
Grass was green,
Trees were tall.

Yesterday I was in a foreign country,
With my close friends,
Oui, mademoiselle?

Yesterday I yelled,
At my mom,
And my dad.

Isn’t it crazy how yesterday is so long ago?

Yesterday I wanted to grow up,
And be a mature adult,
And sit at the adult table.

Yesterday I painted,
With my hands,
My mom framed it and called it ‘art’.

Yesterday I typed with one hand,
And one finger,
O-N-E - L-E-T-T-E-R -A-T -A - T-I-M-E.

Yesterday I was blowing bubbles,
Counting the stars,
Wishing on them.

Yesterday I got a letter from my grandma,
She said she loved me,
And that it seemed like just yesterday I fit in her lap.

But wasn’t it just yesterday?

No, I remember now.
Yesterday is far away,
And now it’s Today.

And today I’m in High School,
I’m the big bad wolf,
I’ll huff and puff.

Today I’m in love,
With ONE person,
He NEVER leaves my mind.

Today I have no braces,
I wear normal clothes,
And I barely use my phone.

Today I have sisters,
They are closer than friends,
I’ll never stop loving them.

Today I’m in class,
Algebra II to be exact,
Where e is a number.

Today gossip has meaning,
People get hurt,
By just one word.

Today I had a fight,
With my ‘sister’,
Now she’s sleeping over.

Today I talked to my brother,
Up to my brother,
He was smiling.

Today I’m going to a foreign country,
For five weeks,

Today I laughed,
With my mom,
And dad.

Today I wish I could be young,
Go back to the ‘no worry’ days,
And never grow up.

Today I finished a painting,
It had all the elements of art,
My teacher called it ‘art’.

Today I’m reading the stars,
Seeing the constellations,
Wishing they could tell me their secrets.

Today I got a letter from my grandma,
She said she wishes me a happy birthday,
And can’t believe I’m already sixteen.

Is that today? Sheesh, it is huh?

But soon it’ll be yesterday,
Since time keeps moving,
Whether we like it or not.

Yesterday, I grew up a little bit more.
Today, I’m learning from my mistakes and keeping my head high.
Tomorrow, I’ll be a little bit wiser, older, closer to the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

The author's comments:
I had a realization one day that I am growing up with each passing moment and this poem is a record of the things I remembered.

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