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Floating Thoughts

March 3, 2012
By Jacy-Lee PLATINUM, Stonington, Connecticut
Jacy-Lee PLATINUM, Stonington, Connecticut
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Love to learn, learn to love

I dreamed a dream and then it thrived
Red dust sprayed across the sand
Wild wolves in haunting prayer
A catholic churches silent demand
Happy days are here again
And a quiet man determined to live
Fast paced always moving
Quick as a rabid bear
In a land of dead how can there be living?
Enormous pride can be a downfall
Julius Caesar gripped the crown
A game changer came into view
Hawks fly on deadly wings
A beautiful woman opens her mouth to sing
Quiet creepy deaths born on air
The tiny bones shattered in his ear
Friendly mice squeak for fruit
Partial to a change
Do you miss her now that she’s gone?
Her hair always smelled like summer rain
Thunder bursts upon the night
Scaring the birds into flight
Echo location- is that what bats use
Tissues taste like cotton but with chemicals
Stains spread across the floor
An arrogant lordling stands at his window
Weathered boots bear mud and tears
The Scotsman stalked through the woods
What does god think about or does he simply change>
If religion were to die would the world be better?
Would people fight if only two of them were left?
A funny man and a woman walk into a bar
Peeps are gross but strangely addictive
The color red is the color of blood
Feet bleeding cherry blossoms
And then the night faded into black and the day to white

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