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Hot Chocolate

March 3, 2012
By dramagurl13 GOLD, West Jordan, Utah
dramagurl13 GOLD, West Jordan, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
There are too many phrases that don't make sense! Such as- "Today has been a long day." Hello? Each day is 24 hrs, last time I checked. And "No news is good news." Umm... what if they were kidnapped? Or they were murdered? Stupid English language.

The steam rises from the cup
Swirling and twisting in way that only other worlds could know.
Seven rounded cubic mallows float around, bouncing off the edges.
I take a sip, letting the heat warm my mouth and sear my throat. I let it burn all of the cold away, leaving only the warmth from
my hot chocolate.

The author's comments:
Who doesn't want hot cocoa on a cold, chilly day?

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