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A Recipe For Heartache

February 25, 2012
By nchic GOLD, Charlottesville, Virginia
nchic GOLD, Charlottesville, Virginia
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it had borne the burden; it had earned the honor
-joan of arc

life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain.

A tablespoon of heartache
A teaspoon of crushed dreams
Two cups of tears
This recipe for a broken heart is more than I can bear.

3 cups of love
2 of regret
A lake of sorrow
Just add two eggs.

Love surfaces when you add
A teaspoon of attraction
To a cup of vulnerability
But if you want true love, you have to add an ocean of


For you
I would travel the world
And collect all these goods, I would package them up
And tie a bow with red string.

If this could be enough
I would make it from scratch
Adding all my emotions to a
Pot that is black.

You focus too much on what you need to take away
But this recipe is too hard to separate
The cups of arguement
With a teaspoon of true love.

Maybe I should just give up
Start with a new recipe
It's getting too hard to see clearly on that tearstained page
But if i don't correct this, then someone else could leave

tears on this page.

Maybe it's my eyes that can't see clearly
Through this curtain of unshed tears
But it makes me think that you should ink something in this

cookbook as well
Although I think the buzzer just went off, it's so hard to tell.

This love ends with a
Sprinkle of kisses that are sour and tart
A dash of jealousy
And a large hole where you ripped out my heart.

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