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Knows Love

February 28, 2012
By Therese GOLD, Thayer, Missouri
Therese GOLD, Thayer, Missouri
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"I cry a tear in the ocean. The day you find it will be the day i stop missing you."

Here she is but where are you? She feels lost without you there to console her. She wonders if you will ever show up. She waits for you but you never show. Finally she walks away knowing that she had just wasted her time. She waited for you. She waited for you to change; for you to treat her with just an inch of respect, but now she sees that it was never going to happen. That all this time you had been playing her. So as she walks away she wipes one tear away feeling stupid for letting him use her once again. Then the next thing she knows she’s on the ground. She looks up seeing a man reaching out to help her up with a smile on his face. Then he sees the tears and the smile fades away. “Are you okay?” he asks but she can’t say anything for he was the man from her dreams; the one that would finally appreciate her. He picks her up, on the contrary the rest of the day goes by in a blur. As she approaches her house the man kissing her cheek to say goodnight as she unlocks the door. Now she knows that her Far Away will stay where he was meant to be (Far Away), because she doesn’t need him anymore she was already falling for someone else. You might call her crazy, but she knows love when she sees it.

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