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February 12, 2012
By peacelovelife SILVER, Berkeley, California
peacelovelife SILVER, Berkeley, California
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It was February and snowing
But somehow we didn’t feel it
As we sat in the green
And got lost in the dark
As we stargazed into an empty sky
And my head felt light for once
As we held wrinkly hands
And I kept the books that you gave me
Close by my side.

It was orange and funny
The way he looked and I forgot
As you drifted from my thoughts
And we dawdled in the kindling
When he showed them what we might be
I spoke the clutter that fills my mind
And we stood close together
But I could still see you
Even though you weren’t there.

It was plastic and televised
Where we were and how we sat
As my friend did the same
Back when we were twelve
He breathed hard
And I sat there still
Not feeling a thing
Smelling your sweatshirt
That I was wearing
The whole time.

And it was everything and always
The time he couldn’t quite make it
As he got lost in the fog
Without me
The time I swore I was wearing your smile
And living in your eyes
As you whistled the song you know I knew
And I whistled right back
Even though
I told everyone I was finished.

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