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Sometimes I Wish

February 23, 2012
By alexis0nicole_ BRONZE, Carmel, Indiana
alexis0nicole_ BRONZE, Carmel, Indiana
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There is little to live for if you don't live for the little things.

Sometimes I wish I had a shield, to protect myself from getting hurt.
My life seems as if it is going nowhere, but I never give up and stay alert.
Where can I be safe with my own thoughts, my own mind?
Sometimes I wish there was such a place possible for me to find.
A broken heart, a broken promise and a teardrop that falls,
Sometimes I wish I could trap myself inside these walls.
Here I feel safe; no one to hear my sobs or see my hurt,
But even after all the tears, sometimes I wish I could just cry in your shirt.
I never changed; you twisted and turned until we were on completely different pages.
So me and you will never go back to how it was, you made these moments the dark ages.

The author's comments:
Just coming back from a break up, I have realized that there is no chance in the two of us getting back together. We were a square peg and a round hole. Opposites. He knew that so he hurt me. I learned in the end (as in the poem) that we can't go back to normal, no matter how bad I feel and how much I miss him.

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