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want to be only me

February 23, 2012
By AngelGraham GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
AngelGraham GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
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death is guaranteed and life is a given so quit living as if you have tomorrow.

eveybody is getting in my head.i try to be my own indivual but the darkness around me is making it much too difficult. wanting to run and run but theirs no escaping the darkness follows. hell appears around every corner. lucifer finds himself alerking. immorality on my spirtuality. i ran and i ran hoping i'll one day escape. the darkness closes in, i find my dream turned into a nightmare. oh how i want to escape this forbidden hell. i only want to be me. i only want to be me. no more running facing the world. gotta deal with evil around and inside of me. going to prove to the world I AM ME. no more with the tryn its only do or dont. so i want only to be me how about you

The author's comments:
inspired by dealing with an immature guy thats in my classes. he talks crap but aint got the action to back it up. so he inspired this poem thanks.

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