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My Secret Garden

January 31, 2012
By TheQueenOfLiberty PLATINUM, Mason City, Iowa
TheQueenOfLiberty PLATINUM, Mason City, Iowa
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"Don't Hate The Person, But The Choices They Make,"

By: TheQueenOfLiberty

My Kingdom

Is special and beautiful,

Others might see it as


But who gives a s***

They will eventually get hit

By my hate,

My fires will spread

Across the land,

Turning all to sand,

The sting of it

Covers my body and face

As it enters my mouth

The winds turn south

Pushing against my back

Shoving me forward,

My emotions are forever banned

Feelings turn bland

The thought of

“I don’t care”

Enters my mind

I wonder if that is a sign?

Then again I am naive

So i will simply take my leave

The author's comments:
Your Words Do Not Hurt Me

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