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February 18, 2012
By GraceK SILVER, TENAFLY, New Jersey
GraceK SILVER, TENAFLY, New Jersey
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As if telling a good story wasn’t hard enough, I have to tell my own.
Where do I start? I don’t know.
It seems as though if I should get this right, I have to be in a certain mood.
I have to be emotional so to say, I have to be distressed.
But that won’t make for a good story.
It will be sad and pitiful, and quite frankly, boring.
So where do I start?
Who am I telling this story to?
To those that listen. Yes, I will tell it to those that know, those that understand, to those that are alive!
No wait, who are those people?
Wow, really, who are they?
I do not need to tell my story.

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