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The Return

February 18, 2012
By AshleyAngel7 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
AshleyAngel7 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I was stupid to think you’d never return.

or at least this soon and sudden,

but then again I felt you creeping and I kept denying so I could keep smiling.

I can feel your punches in my chest and chocking.

Your kicks in my legs in my legs, the internal burning.

But you don’t get it, i never loved you, you just wanted me to.

And i never wanted you, you just invited yourself in.

And you adore when i make streams with these tears.

And when i cant get out of bed.

and you rip my ribs out and drum against my hear and poke holes in my lungs.

And in my soul I’m singing sad songs over sung.

And you’re not even done.

Done with the torture and pain.

I wish you would just leave me alone,

because no matter what you think, you’ve done enough,

I’m scarred, broken, twisted, shredded and have been spread on the floor and stepped on.

But I am not giving up, this is a fight I refuse to lose

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