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Unheard Voice

January 29, 2012
By genesis27000 SILVER, Mexia, Texas
genesis27000 SILVER, Mexia, Texas
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After many trials and tribulations, I've ended up here.
Broken, lost, and full of fear.
Every night, I find a new place to bed,
In the mornings, a new source from which to be fed.
I never meant to end up here,
It just happened, time disappeared.
Before I knew it my life was jumbled,
And I had fumbled.
I was once so young and alive,
But now I'm worn and no longer strive.
I once had a family, who loved me and cared,
But no longer has life fared.
I'm lonely and sad,
But no longer mad.

The author's comments:
This poem was actually inspired by an English assignment. We had ten minutes to describe this picture: - http://www.acclaimimages.com/_gallery/_SM2/0017-0305-1906-5916_SM2.jpg - in a way people don't normally look at it. Although, there was many interesting ways to make it have a better connotation, I decided to go for sympathy. I asked if it could be in first person, when my teacher said yes, I started to write. I don't really know how it became a poem, it just ended that way.

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