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Meeting you...

January 17, 2012
By koala_song BRONZE, Pitttsburgh, Pennsylvania
koala_song BRONZE, Pitttsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Meeting you was a chance
A word,
A glance,
A smile,
A laugh, a chance to fall in love.
I don't know how it happened
Or where we met...
But you are my everything.
My days are brighter when you're around
Making me smile wider and happier than humanly possible
My heart skips a beat when your laugh fills my soul
I blush when you smile at me.
And all I can think of when I see you, is when we met.
Thank you stars I wished on
Thank you coins I threw in the fountain.
Thank you genie for granting my wish
Thank you 11:11 and 12:12 for making this all come true.
One dream at a time, but now I'm going to enjoy talking to my boyfriend

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