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When You Live

January 16, 2012
By Puff_the_dragon PLATINUM, Monroe, North Carolina
Puff_the_dragon PLATINUM, Monroe, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Love can be lost but it will never be forgotten

Simple dreams,
You kept them,
You kept me.

Within this strange world,
You kept your thoughts,
Priorities straight,
Just like you promised.

When they ship you off,
Baby I'll cry,
Scream and sob,
Like you'll never come back.

Because for all I know,
You might leave,
And never come back,
But you always say.

"Baby I'll live",
"I'll come back",
"Even if I go...",
"They'll ship me back."

"This is just a stage",
"Our love will never change",
"And I will never lose my life".

"Because if they take me",
"I know when you find out",
"You'll get revenge",
"And once you do",
"You'll end up killing yourself too".

So you make your promise,
And kiss me like always,
Tell me you'll be safe,
And I have nothing to worry about.

But as soon as you're gone,
And I'm all alone,
I break down and cry,
But you whisper in my mind,
"Sweetie you know I'm here, even if I'm gone, and you know I love you, always and forever, so don't think you'll be left all alone".

Too bad they took my one love,
And even though you're great,
For fighting for your country,
But I can't breathe when you're gone,
So I always sing our favorite song.

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