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February 3, 2012
By KJAngelAuthor SILVER, Holland, Michigan
KJAngelAuthor SILVER, Holland, Michigan
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With understanding comes wisdom.

My mind is not my own, when it’s filled with pain.
My temper I cannot control, my anger I cannot restrain.

But when I’m in, the right state of mind,
I find it easier, to be kind.

Yet when I’m outside, I cannot see,
For the bright sun, is blinding to me.

As sensitive as my eyes may be,
My ears are of better quality.

Hearing each sound in this loud room;
Each whisper’s like, a shout so rude.

I cannot bend, I cannot stretch.
I cannot turn, and arch my neck.

For if I do, the pain’s so bad,
I cannot move, my vision’s ting’d red.

Why can’t I get, a full night of sleep?
Why can’t I rest, after “g’night, sweet dreams”?

A pill, two puffs, at night; two pills, a prayer, each morn.
Let me breathe and live today, have a life alike the norm.

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