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The Fifth Cantata of Reginal Corpus

February 7, 2012
By Distant_Freedom DIAMOND, Nowhere, Pennsylvania
Distant_Freedom DIAMOND, Nowhere, Pennsylvania
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Ride, my Brothers, ride!
Into the battlefield with eyes ablaze,
Swords slicing through air,
Horses pounding the earth!
Feel the rush when you first collide.
Be not disheartened when the conflict seems grim,
But evermore determined because of it.
Never waver for even a moment,
‘Else the enemy overtake you.
Tis true the enemy lays in leagues, battalions.
But they are mindless, soul-less even.
We have a weapon they have yet to craft.
This weapon changes the course of any battle.
With it, we cannot hope to lose but a single fight.
We can only expect to win.
This weapon, you see, is not something you can wield
Or swing around like the common sword.
This weapon is inside each and every one of you,
Including myself, of course.
This weapon is named Courage.
Without, we are but empty shells, living on the one fact
That with enough, we can crush any enemy
Under waves of Oppression, Cruelty, and any other Evils that might follow.
Even though the enemy may stand right outside
Our very doorstep, or even upon it,
We have assurance, through Courage.
The weapon no sword can fell, no cannon blow away.
The weapon that which will help us oppose any and all.
For this very reason, Comrades, I have chosen to speak these words,
And the reason is thus:
If you find that inside yourself lacks the Courage,
Then leave, for the halls of the great and honorable
Have no room for Cowards.
Now, let us ride upon our enemies
As though they were subordinate, minions.
The enemy we now find ourselves faced with is a plague
That must wiped clean if the rest are to survive.
Let us leave these barracks at once
And prepare for the assault.
Let us ride our steeds onto the field,
Eyes blazing, swords slashing through air,
Hooves pounding the earth!
Let us Ride, my Brothers, Ride!

The author's comments:
A war poem. All the war poems I will write will be titled to be written by Reginal Corpus.

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