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America Is...

February 6, 2012
By KarinaDavidyuk GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
KarinaDavidyuk GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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America is hope
It's where we all unite
It's the place that we call home
It's our treasured sight

America is beauty
Of nationalities and race
It's where we cook our food
And serve it on plate

America's a journey
A journey that takes time
With patience and all prudence
A place that I call mine

America's a fear
To all the other places
For it is called a battlefield
And, will face its cases

America is power
Determined to do well
To show our home's integrity
To come out of our shell

America is character
It's who they say they are
The country of one's freedom
The shining Northern Star

America is opportunity
Just in another name
The place everyone goes to
'Cause that's where freedom lays

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