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Super Soldier

January 27, 2012
By Twisted_Kid BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
Twisted_Kid BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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If you get something you not looking for its your fate. A fate that you made, fate is always changing everything you do turns your fate around. Nothing is not ment to be so be careful. {KARL}

Super Soldiers
Up all night hours 24,
Remembering what you’re fighting for.
Strongest men and women of Earth,
Braver than kings for what it worth.

You have been the U.S. strong shoulder,
You have been our super soldiers.
Serving all day, fighting all night,
Keeping the freedom into our lives.

When you leave off to protect us we always miss you,
And we believe deep in our hearts that you bravery will still continue.
So hats off to you, whatever happens, I don’t care,
Live or die it doesn’t matter, why, because you were always there

The author's comments:
These are for all of the people who risk there lives, die, and put there life in real danger just so we can eat and sleep have IPods be heard. cherish these soldiers because the world wouldnt be a good place if they were not here.

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