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Silent Chaos

December 16, 2011
By jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
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In silence eve’s of distant nights more desolate than this
And sinner wishes presence on the lips of virgin’s kiss
And melody of lifeless dreams and chorus of the pain
Whispering the haunted words in fall of gory rain

In silence dawn of sweet surrender farther than a touch
And heaven closes for the Hell when lovely hurts too much
And dawn a new broken heart, and fade with guilty pride
She never saw the light in you that shadows tried to hide

In silence of a midnight storm with redemption of the old
And last nights tragedy is the misery they told
Her gown is lace and satin-edged and looks that seem to kill
With soul of black and drudgery with nauseating ill

In chaos eve’s and hallows breath in midst of warmth and spare
And hell to me who desperately longed to breath his air
And when calm arrives with purple skies and you slowly die
That part of you will follow through with ambered-color eye

In chaos dawn, the mood is still and yet she haunts your pace
Stalk the absent vacancy that longed to see my face
And hollow song of empty hearts and those who die alone
When misery speaks deafening in empty, freezing home

In chaos lies a misty calm, a view of severed war
When answers to deep unknowns and what we’re fighting for
And when deep within the fragile breaks to those you’ll never miss
In silence eve’s of distant nights more temperate than this

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