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January 13, 2012
By josephdamian SILVER, Brampton,
josephdamian SILVER, Brampton,
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Your fingers are cold to the touch,
You say you love me but it doesn't mean much.
I can't erase the pain you made me feel,
This heart you broke wont heal.
Time goes by yet i'm haunted by the thought,
Of all the love we shared and all the time that i fought.
I tried to make you stay,
But you said a long the way your love ran astray.
I've lost my desire and the passion i once had,
All because now all i am is mad.
No longer the grand optimist,
Because of you now the worlds poor pessimist.
17 and already dead,
The love i felt for you my only dread.
I promise one day i'll let you go,
But until then i'll never know.
Today im crying,
Tomorrow i'll be lying,
But for now, im still fighting.

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