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Dirty Luck

January 9, 2012
By Cammie42 SILVER, Canyon Country, California
Cammie42 SILVER, Canyon Country, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Do not live for others. Don't even live for yourself. Live so you can just simply live."

It's so beautiful
That dirty, rotten thing
Glorious in its dull, green shine
So much happiness it brings
Like food in our bellies
Or second chances at life
We receive so much
That we can't help but dive

Into situations we know we can't handle
And yet so eager to trouble ourselves
Because we're assured we've got green paper
To go with us through hell
But what good does it do?
Is it worth it after all?
Among the reasons to love it
Are so much more wrongs

I've seen it; trust me
The way its twisted mind works
First, it lets you smile
Lets you feel like you're King of the world
It lets you be everything you dreamed of
Lets you live without a second thought
Lets you fall in love
More than once, it lets you fall

But let's say, for a second
That it isn't as beneficial as it seems
Can you then see beneath the layers
Are only crazy schemes?
Take a look at the homeless
Take a good look at the hungry
Or the children who go cold
With their parents who own nothing

Remember at one point
They, too, had reasons to smile
They had reasons to be happy
Because that green paper gave them a life
But oh, God! It took it away!
It took everything away!
What are people to do
When they don't have homes to stay?

That dirty, rotten thing
Ruling so many hearts
How can such happiness
Be so dark?
I guess it's because
that's just the way it works
Money is such a lucky thing
Only not when it hurts

The author's comments:
We love it, we crave it, we would offer to die if we could have all of it.
And that's just the thing.

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