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Will i ever see the shine of sun again?

December 30, 2011
By ThatCheekyMonkey SILVER, Cork, California
ThatCheekyMonkey SILVER, Cork, California
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The moon lit up, gold stars came out,
My lips kept mumbling your name.
My heart pounded in melody of love,
while i lay there thinking whats going to happen with us.

The rain is druming, its spelling your name.
The thought of you and me come back.
I stand here hoping.
Hoping your not over me.
Becouse all i ever wanted is you.
But all you did ,is walked away.

The sun is shining!
Shining down at me,
It makes me blind.
Blind to see love.
Its you i keep seeing.
Everytime i blink.

No weather can change,
what i feel.
The strong force that doesnt want to let you go.

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best friend

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