You Can't Write a Poem About Procrastination

January 4, 2012
Here I sit.
Staring at a clean, crisp, and new sheet of paper
Bits bright as candy flood my page.
Eraser Remains
My back cramps
My stomach churns
My clammy hands shake, full of perspiration
The collar of my shirt, itches my neck
In an uncomfortable way.
My mind wanders
Daydreaming of the deep, blue color…
Of the ocean
The taste of the sea salt dances on my tongue
The revolting smell of fish taunts me persistently
The hums of the crashing waves,
Wake me to reveal
The clean, crisp, and new sheet of paper
Staring back at me
Pieces of eraser bits engulfing my page
My cramping back, churning stomach
What to think
What to dream
What to write
About, procrastination.

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