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January 6, 2012
By Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
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Midnight strikes,
the child cries,
the morn of the seventh
has fallen again.
The mother was crazy,
she shouted and screamed,
like the child she bore
in her red, puffy arms
Years had passed
and the mother was gone
in her own little world,
while she had little girls
And once the babe was 10 again
she moved away
to daddy's home
in California
to lead a better life
She now had friends
She now knew her talent
as a writer
and artist,
perhaps a poet too.
Depression had set
and friends had to worry
They loved her
you see
And she loved them back
but depression set in
when she found the one
and he was so sweet
but morels so cruel
She regrets her life
in that last waking year.
She then moved away
at the age of 14,
to a little town
in the Rockies,
She knew naught one soul
and where she was at
but soon made some friends
to help her in life.
Depression had fazed
and then went away
Happiness flew through her
when she had met HIM
He made her happy
he made her feel
like she was perfect
in this little world
Then there came heartbreak
when his love fell right through
the cracking floor
Again it set in
but she fought it off
like a soldier in war
for the 3rd time
She tried to forget
she went straight to her friends
and put sorrow into art
And again she knew
that she was in love
(but maybe the hormones
she built up inside
made her think
she was loving again)
He sometimes took interest
and she shied away
Just something about him
was all too familiar
and special
The problem she held
inside her pale palm
was that he crushed her twice
and left nothing to grow
She is too happy now
For she has her wish
and she shall stand tall
and be brave as can be
"Hello, Hello
To this new world
where I can be me
and you can be you"

The author's comments:
Its about me, as a person.. my timeline

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