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Your Smiles

December 1, 2011
By Flyleaf_Rules SILVER, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Flyleaf_Rules SILVER, Bridgeport, Connecticut
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My love for you is like a fake rose.

Every time I see you, your smiling.
You have bruises on your arms and face.
Cuts on your legs and cheeks.
Yet I still see your beautiful smile.
Your parents are always yelling at you.
They're always keeping you in your room.
Away from the world.
But I still see your beautiful smile.
There are burns on your back.
Brands on your neck.
Yet I still see your beautiful smile.
It's raining on the cold ground.
Not from the sky but from all your loved ones eyes.
Everyone walks away except me.
I am the last to leave your side by your casket and headstone.
Even though your gone, the only thing I will always remember.
Are your beautiful smiles.

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