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A Killer's murder.

December 1, 2011
By Wicked_Angel BRONZE, Mahrashtra, Other
Wicked_Angel BRONZE, Mahrashtra, Other
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I walk in silence
With my head bowed low
My shoulders hunched down
My feet dragging along

I walk in silence
A part and still apart from everyone
Feeling all alone
Even in the midst of this crowd

I walk in silence
Each step taking me lower
Each step taking me towards darkness
Towards the point of no return.

I walk in silence
The world around me fading away
All feelings and emotions slipping away
All colours draining away
Into infinite shades of gray

I walk in silence
I can see the gates now
Tall black and imposing
Holding back the fire
Holding back the screams
And as they open
Warmth engulfs me
And on and on I walk on the flames
Within this hell
My own little piece of paradise.

The author's comments:
This is the frame of mind of a soldier who has returned home from war only to be plagued by thoughts of all the innocent victims that were killed in the crossfire.
He is unable to bear the hero worshipping and praises for his bravery as thoughts of what he has actually done plague him and he suicides in order to be free of the guilt.

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