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Mixed Emotions

December 22, 2011
By Anglin SILVER, Irvington, New Jersey
Anglin SILVER, Irvington, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"thinking about the future, or living in the past is never the right answer. living today, the present, this one second is. Because all you can do is live that one second to fullest, and make it last"- Anglin. T

I wonder if things will ever be the same….

We’ve both done our share of damage
And we both have equal parts to what’s happened
But if there was a way
One way, any way
For us to start all over again
To go through what we went through,
One more time
I would take it in a heart beat
But right now, my heart is in tremendous pain
And it isn’t even working the way it used to…..

Every person has their own problems
And right now, you’re my problem
I don’t know whether I should let go or not
But it’s never as easy as it sounds
Things are hard when you step into my shoes
Then you’ll realize how hard it is to let go
My mind says let go, where my heart says hang on
What do I listen to?

I’m done with putting my mind and heart through torture
Thinking about what is the best thing to do hasn’t given me a solution
So I’m just going to let time take over
And see what happens with time
Sometimes, time is all we ever need to get over things
And that’s just what I need.

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