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December 12, 2011
By jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
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In the hole in my heart of the willows
In the back of my deep sunken mind
In the thoughts of the old and the broken
In the lack of my focus and time

In the place where my soul seems to wander
In my hand that is falling apart
In the knot in the string of salvation
In the crevice you built in my heart

In the dreams of a lofty sensation
In the scent of the lost and found
In the thunder of thunders and wonders of wonders
In the tremble of your sweetest sound

In the love of her arms and her smile
In the hope of this disparity
In the world of billions lovers
I lie in the crowd so empty

In the echoes of forests of hunger
In the light in the darkest of night
In the mystery hidden in answers
In the swallow of tension and fight

In the regrets and nervous I love you’s
In the pizza and reruns of Friends
In the tissues and chocolates and empty shoe boxes
In the renewal of this dooming end

In the tears and the laughs and the walking
In the walking that never slowed down
In my pushing and fighting, and stubborn writing
In my strength and my rise from the ground

In the brief moment of reality
In the insanity that carried so long
In the beat of heart and triumphant soul
I lie in the crowd so strong

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