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cYbEr bUlLy

November 7, 2011
By tori-gurl PLATINUM, Norwich, New York
tori-gurl PLATINUM, Norwich, New York
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smile through everything no matter how bad it gets because it could be worse and if it gets worse well then it can only get better. :)

Your kindness a fasad
to all who are blinded by it
no one knows you've killed some kids
for with the touch of a button
is when your power's turned on
not what keeps you alive sort of power,
no it's the criminal kind
a key boards your pillow
that screen your blanket of security
but last i knew
a monitor's hard to cuddle up too
you;re relentless
unless its face to face
you keep ppl in their place
hidden by a username
you'll tease nobody in the day
but those who friend you in a chat room
hell, they're fair game
or you fake a profile
just to destroy the purpose of smiles
i guess you and that screen have something in common,
neither one of you are really alive

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